“A Gathering of Doom!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Herb Trimpe & Alfredo Alcala

The gang notice a number of Krylorian flying saucers leaving one of their secret bases. Investigating they find that the Krylorians are all heading to New York. After the Hulk wrecks the base the trio head off to the Big Apple. It is here in a secret underground base under the Worlds Fair that the Krylorians will launch their invasion. One Krylorian points out that one of their main targets Stark Enterprises is guarded by Iron Man. So one Krylorian transforms into Iron Man and goes out to draw Iron Man away from Stark Industries. The phony Iron Man starts to wreck the 59th street bridge and gets attacked by the Hulk. Soon after Thor, Ant Man, Wasp and the real Iron Man show up for a climactic confrontation in the next issue.

“Gallery of Villains”
Writer: David Kraft
Artist: George Perez

A portfolio of past Hulk opponents. In this one Giant-Man, The Secret Empire, Stranger, Abomination, Silver Surfer.

“Earth Shall Have a New Master!”
Writer: Steve Gerber
Artists: Alan Kupperberg, Rod Santiago & Rudy Mesina.

Bloodstone finally meets the Conspiracy and the truth behind the Blood Gem. The Gem is actually the intelligence behind the Conspiracy. It killed Bloodstone’s tribe 10,000 years ago. Then it arranged to be implanted into his chest and created the Conspiracy to motive Bloodstone. In reality the Gem wanted to experience life and now plans to move on. The Gem is removed from Bloodstone and he is left for dead. It uses the members of the conspiracy to bond with them and form a giant crystalline creature. Bloodstone is still alive from the residual power of the Gem and manages to defeat the Gem but at the cost of his life.

This was actually the first issue of this series that I ever read. I also think that its one of the best in the series. The Krylorian invasion is finally coming to an exciting end. The Bloodstone story comes to an end with a surprising and unexpected ending. This really takes me back to being a young kid on a Sunday afternoon when I would usually pick up these comic magazines at the discount market back in Price, Utah. Those were fun day that I miss.

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