“Groo Vs. Conan Part IV”
Writers: Sergio Aragones & Mark Evanier
Artists: Sergio Aragones & Thomas Yeates

The final chapter. We find out both stories of Conan winning and Groo winning were complete exaggerations. Conan and Groo have not started fighting but finally get to it in this book. The two both fight to a draw with neither winning. The arrival of the prime ministers army to destroy the bakery distracts Groo. Conan is also forced to join the fray and the two defeat the army and save the bakery. In the real world Sergio is kicked out of the van of the escaped convicts after being further drugged up. In his delusional state Sergio goes to a Conan movie matinee and wrecks the theater before being subdued by the police.

So in the end the village bakery is saved. The comic store is saved. Conan goes back to his kingdom and frees it from the tyrannical usurper. Groo and Rufferto decide to destroy a butcher shop by eating all the meat. And Sergio? Well someone brings him Tarzan comics and he now has delusions of being Tarzan. Another possible Groo crossover?

So ends this weird and surreal series. I have to say that I love Groo and love Conan. So there was a lot to love in this series. Its been awhile since I read a Groo comic and I have to say that its been too long. This was a real joy. I hope my dad is up in heaven getting a real kick out of it.


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