“The Sun God!”
Writer: Gerard Conway
Artist: Barry Smith

The rampaging army of the Sun Empire under Zaladane is attacking the peaceful city of Vala-Kum. Ka-zar and his friend Tongah arrive to help but find no help from the inhabitants. The Val-Kumians are a pacifist people and are not fighting back. Luckily the Petrified Man goes to the statue that turned him into the Petrified Man and merges with Garokk the Sun God. The omnipotent Garokk orders his followers to stop. Zaladane refuses and grabs Ka-zar with her pterodactyl and threatens to drop him.

“The Invaders!”
Writer: Larry Lieber
Artist: Wally Wood

Doom has defeated the rebellion but his palace is in ruins. So he gets together his able bodied subjects to labor night and day to rebuild. Then goes off to slum it in the Riviera. He beats up some burglars and snooty hotel managers. Tiring of intimidating the idle rich he decides to return to Latveria. While he was away the Red Skull and the Exiles a goofy bunch of fascist kooks manage to take over the country. The Red Skull hopes to use Latveria as a launch pad for the establishment of the Fourth Reich.

The Ka-zar story sees the war that was started end with the Sun God. An interesting story that ended with a cliffhanger. I do enjoy having Ka-zar spend more time in the Savage Land. The place has so much potential for interesting and exciting stories.

The Dr. Doom story is also taking an interesting turn. They wisely give Doom an enemy that is even more evil than Doom. The Red Skull is already starting to form goose-stepping Nazis. This should teach Doom to not go off so cavalierly and leave his country. Now he has a fight on his hands to regain it. Sets up an interesting story for the next issue.

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