“Bring It on Home”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Tom Yeates

Rosa Winters is writing in her diary and she decides to talk about the past. She grew up in Los Angeles during the earthquakes. Communist coups in Mexico and trade embargoes from South America cripple the US economy. Also pollution, nuclear plant disasters and overfarming start to take their toll. Most of the rich after the quakes leave for Tucson and Colorado. Rosa grows up in the gangs that have taken over L.A. A right wing government takes over and starts rounding up children for military training. At Camp Falwell in Carlisle Pennsylvania she meets fellow recruits Scout and Vaughn. She and Scout become lovers but Scout is a loner and decides to desert after getting transferred to Arizona. Winters goes on to an illustrious career.

Writers: John K. Snyder III & Chris Fauver
Artist: John K. Snyder III

Frances and Roxanne have a duel with pistols and Frances wins. Dr. Cruel releases her along with the captive Johnny Mars. The rest of the FIA crew must deal with the robot Johnny Mars.

This was an important issue in the Scout story. We finally get some background on the main characters and some history on why America is all messed up in 1999. An interesting premise that didn’t come true at least in the 1990’s anyway. A good story that gives insight into the character of Rosa Winters and Scout.

The Fashion in Action is still just chunking along going nowhere.

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