“Home is a Four-Letter Word!”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan finds himself on the surface world and stumbles into a camp he sees down the mountain. It turns out to be a team of Archeologists at Macchu Piccu. He finds out that it is 1977 and eight years have pasted when it entered Skartaris. He tells his story to them and agrees to help them translate the writing on the walls of an underground temple they discovered. The temple turns out to be the tomb of Tikal the cat-demon. They open it and find a giant statue of a cat-man. Just then a helicopter arrives with armed men. Professor Lakely had found Morgan’s dog-tags and notified the Air Force of Morgan’s presence. The Air Force thinks he sold out to the Russians and a CIA squad lead by Stryker is to bring him home. In the ensuing fight sunlight strikes the eyes of the statue bringing it to life. The statue kills the CIA men and Morgan defeats it by covering it’s eyes. He returns to Skartaris with a Russian archeologist Mariah Romanova. He finds Tara gone and his helmet covered in cobwebs hinting he was gone longer than he thought.

This was an interesting choice to bring Morgan back to the surface world. It was funny to see the reaction of eight years passing and the realization that Morgan is now 51 year old. The story shows the time discrepancies that exist between the surface and Skartaris. It also highlights that Morgan doesn’t belong on the surface and he is very anxious to return to the woman he loves. And we also have a new character in Mariah Romanova. A fellow surface world dweller that will travel the strange and savage world under the crust. So once again Morgan has another quest.

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