“Night of the Wraith!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Keith Pollard & Jim Mooney

The Hulk being a temperamental fellow is in one of his tantrums. So angry he even hits his friend Rick Jones. He then gets in an argument with Bereet. It is here that when Bereet reaches into her spatial distorter bag that a wraithlike being emerges. The Soul Shade is an amalgamation of the lifeforce from all the dead techno creations that were in the bag. Being a wraith means that the Hulk can’t smash it which makes him even more angry. The Soul Shade can occupy solid objects and proceeds to take over a giant statue and some circus animals. The only thing that will stop the Soul Shade is a gun that shoots love which Bereet and Dr. Banner fashion from left over parts from the spatial distorter.

“Among the Great Divide!”
Writer: Steve Gerber
Artists: Jim Starlin & Bob Wiacek

The Man-Thing is shambling around aimlessly in the Everglades when it comes upon a corpse. Suddenly it is attacked by a wild woman. The attacker leads him to a young fifteen year old girl. The girl has a multiple personality disorder. What makes this unique is that each personality can physically manifest itself. Man-Thing uses his empathic abilities to destroy the manifestations and restore the young girl to one personality.

The Hulk story was an interesting change of pace. Once again it takes a side trip to a whole new place. The Soul Shade was a strange and surreal story but shows that all three of our heroes have anger issues that have to be resolved. The Man-Thing story was a replacement for a late Bloodstone installment. I think that the Man-Thing story complemented the main Hulk story. Both were weird and surreal and dealt with dark personalities surfacing. A nice filler issue before the next one which will resolve both the Krylorian and Bloodstone storylines.

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