“Groo vs. Conan Part III”
Writers: Sergio Aragones & Mark Evanier
Artists: Sergio Aragones & Thomas Yeates

The man that told the people in the tavern that Conan defeated Groo has been found to be greatly exaggerating the story. The reality is that at first Conan could not believe such a man as Groo could be a threat to anyone. Groo though shows his extreme stupidity in grabbing for the hot coals at the bakery thinking they were fresh baked buns. The fire nearly burns down the bakery and his attempts to cool his hands result in the water tower being destroyed and the villages only source of water. Conan attempts to destroy Groo but Groo’s incredibly stupidity gives him an edge and he defeats Conan.

Meanwhile in the real world Sergio is arrested after stealing a horse and wrecking a renaissance fair. While in jail a sleeping Sergio is taken away by the escaping inmates. And the evil lawyer continues to plot to make the comic store into a strip mall.

I thought that it was way too easy the way Conan defeated Groo. Groo is a force of nature and its kind of like trying to defeat a tornado or hurricane. I’m really enjoying this strange ride of combining Conan and Groo.

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