“Back to the Savage Land”
Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Barry Smith

Ka-zar hears the story of the Petrified Man. Five hundred years ago he was a sailor on a British ship exploring the Antarctic when the ship was sunk in a storm. He survived and washed up in the savage land. While there he drank the water at the temple of Garokk the Sun God. He was forced to flee and eventually made his way home. But the water had an effect of longevity and turned his skin to stone. Now he has mental images of the Sun Empire making war on all the Savage land. Ka-zar, Zabu and the Petrified Man make it back and find that his premonitions are correct.

“Doom Must Die!”
Writer: Larry Lieber
Artist: Wally Wood

Doom is able to mentally link up with his Doomsman android and take control over him. He thus defeats the Faceless One and then proceeds to defeat the rebels under Prince Rodolfo. The Doomsman proves too dangerous so Doom exiles him to another dimension. His grip on power is secure.

The Ka-zar story has introduced an interesting character in the Petrified Man. The army of the Sun God lead by the beautiful Zaladane looks to set up a real exciting story for the next issue. Its good to get back to the Savage Land. I always thought that is the place where Ka-zar should have his adventures and we’re finally settling down there.

The Doctor Doom story continues along fine. Doom is able to defeat his enemies and ends up sitting pretty. But you know that there’s some threat over the horizon. And we still have to find out who the Faceless One is.


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