“House Burning Down!!”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout is recovering from his wounds in a ventilation shaft in the Astrodome. He has one more monster to slay before taking on President Grail. At first he thinks its Bill Loper the President’s chief of staff but it soon turns out that the Antelope Monster is really a giant robot. A giant Antelope robot that shoots lasers from its eyes. After defeating the robot he confronts President Grail and kills him. Meanwhile Rosa is forced to kill her friend Sgt. Vaughn when he tries to assassinate the Vice President. The story ends with the characters going there separate ways and Scout heading off into the desert.

“Look Sharp!”
Writers: John K. Snyder III & Chris Fauver

The F.I.A. girls are getting ready to assault the wedding party to stop the robot Johnny Mars. Frances Knight fights the crazy Roxanne.

So the final confrontation occurs. I didn’t see the giant robot coming but this was an exciting conclusion to the storyline. It leaves a lot of stuff still up in the air. Rosa looks like she will be allying with the Vice-President now President Carver and maybe help her off her drug addiction. Bill Loper is still a sinister figure who is part of some evil conspiracy. And obviously Scout will be back.

The Fashion in Action is still eight pages of nothing. Can’t believe it takes two people to write so much nothing.


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