“The Secret of Skartaris”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Deimos is defeated and Morgan has rescued Tara. Now the mighty army has disbanded and most have went on their way. Including Machiste as he leaves for unfinished business in his home of Kiro. So now Morgan and Tara with a few followers make for Tara’s home of Shamballah. After a fight with a T-Rex opens a secret passage in a mountain, Morgan and Tara discover a giant computer. The computer is still working and tells them the history of Skartaris. Skartarians are descended from Atlanteans who were fleeing the destruction of their home. In Skartaris they found a lust world and built a technologically advanced society. But a war broke out among the various city states. In 7.39 minutes their civilization was destroyed and society reverted to barbarism. Further exploration finds what looks like an underground shuttle. Morgan enters and triggers its launch knocking him unconscious. When he awakens he finds himself on the surface world.

So this book reveals the history of Skartaris. There have been hints of an advanced society and now we know why. This is what I love about this book. The mixture of advanced science, dinosaurs, primitive society and sorcery. It provides endless story possibilities. Also this brings Morgan back to the surface and he is not happy about it. He has definitely found a home in the new world of Skartaris. A world he will have to find a way back to.

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