“…And All the Sea, With Monsters!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Keith Pollard & Tony DeZuniga

The story begins with the Hulk and Rick Jones looking for a way to rescue their companion Bereet who was kidnapped by the Sub-Mariner and taken to Atlantis. After fighting off one of the Krylorian’s mutant sea-beasts they are able to recover breathing apparatus from a destroyed Krylorian ship. Just then the Banshee mask ship that Bereet sent comes to pick them up and take them to Atlantis. There the Hulk fights Namor in a trial by combat. The two seem evenly matched and the fight goes back and forth with neither gaining the upper hand. During the fight the Krylorians attack with their mutant sea-beasts. Hulk and Namor join forces to fight off the attack and save Atlantis. Bereet is set free and the trio continue on their quest to stop the Krylorians.

“Conspiracy Ascendant!”
Writer: John Warner
Artists: Allen Kupperberg & Sonny Trinidad

Bloodstone takes out the Conspiracy goons at the hotel where they tried to kill him. Then its off to the UN where Bloodstone petitions that his island be recognized as a sovereign entity. The meeting is interrupted by another attack by a creature from the Conspiracy. A giant demon called Sharzan comes out of the East River and is able to kidnap Bloodstone and transport him to his master Kaballa’s cavern. Bloodstone is given the choice of serving or death.

So the Hulk/Namor storyline comes to an end. It’s mostly fighting between Namor and the Hulk. But there is some beautiful full page drawings and that kind of makes up for the threadbare plot. The Namor story probably didn’t need two books and it did drag down the story. Fortunately the story will pick up in the next issue.

The Bloodstone story is coming along great. We get some interesting developments and it ends with an interesting setup for the next story.

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