“Groo vs. Conan part II”
Writers: Sergio Aragones & Mark Evanier
Artists: Sergio Aragones & Thomas Yeates

Sergio is still in his crazed delusion that he’s Conan. He falls in with a group of homeless and tells them the story. Conan decides to go and defeat the mighty monster known as Groo. Groo meanwhile is having a hard time in thinking about what is right in destroying the village’s bakery. Thinking takes a lot of energy and he hunts up some quail for dinner. At this time Conan arrives and is invited to join him. Groo hears about his quest and asks to join him. When they reach the village a fight breaks out with Conan triumphing over Groo. In the real world Mark and the hospital staff find Sergio and overmedicate him. And the evil Spencer Spade’s lawyer continues to try and shut down the comic store.

Oh no! Is Groo defeated? Is the bakery saved? Will the comic store be saved? Will Sergio get competent healthcare? Will Mark Evanier get paid? So many questions that have to be answered in the epic conflict between the worlds mightiest barbarian and the worlds most stupid barbarian.

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