“Killin’ Floor!”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout and Missy are able to sneak into the Astrodome to try and rescue Doody. Doody is being tortured by a Vietnamese guy while hung on a cross. At the same time Deluxe is able to meet with the Presidents right-hand man Bill Loper the head of a media empire. Deluxe and Loper were friends once but Loper is not able to help Deluxe free Doody. While leaving he runs into Scout and Missy and decides to come along to rescue Doody. Deluxe is killed in the attempt while Scout manages to rescue Doody. Scout at the end contemplates suicide but his spirit guide chipmunk Gahn talks him out of it.

“Broken English”
Writers: John K. Snyder III & Chris Fauver
Artist: John K. Snyder III
The F.I.A team are still looking for Frances Knight and have to stop the plan to turn celebrities into apes. Frances is set to fight Roxanne to the death in a gladiatorial style knife fight.

Well the Scout story is starting to get to a climax. A character dies. We get a glimpse of President Grail. A guy who sits in a dark chamber in a mechanical chair and bunny slippers. It sounds like he was picked to be President by people who wanted to control him but he ended up in charge. A very interesting story that has to still be told about him. Scout still comes off a bit whacko but a character you can sympathize with. The ending hints that there is a whole new sage that will begin in the next issue.

The Fashion in Action story is crawling along at an ameobic pace. Hardly anything happens in the story.


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