“Frenzy on the Fortieth Floor!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Jack Kirby

Ka-zar has come to an upscale hotel in search of Kraven. Because the guy doesn’t wear a shirt he has some problem with the hotel staff. But soon Kraven comes to confront him. Using his various gadgets like a bolo net and knockout gas he can still not defeat Ka-zar. Kraven is forced to retreat leaving Ka-zar to rescue his friend Zabu who was kept prisoner with booties over his claws. The two are confronted at the end by the Petrified Man with a warning that he must return to the Savage Land or die… and the Savage land will die with him.

Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Wally Wood

Dr. Doom is going after the rebels of Prince Rudolfo. He soon finds out that the captive Rudolfo is actually a robot of him. The real Rudolfo is still free and has allied himself with the Faceless One. The Faceless One has given the rebels powerful guns and force fields to defeat Doom’s robot army. The Faceless One has also found the wandering Doomsman, the android that Doom created. The Doomsman is now allied with the rebels and is capable of defeating Doom.

Another great issue. Ka-zar shows what a badass he is in kicking Kraven’s braggart butt. And still refuses to wear a shirt or shoes but does have a nice pair of slacks he must of picked up at J.C. Penneys. It ends with an intriguing character in the Petrified Man who indeed looks very petrified.

The Doom story is really picking up steam. A lot of stuff happens with robots, laser guns and multiply villains who love to brag and issue melodramatic threats. Thomas is a master of storytelling that just makes such goofyness an enjoyable read.

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