“Duel of the Titans”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

Morgan’s army has arrived at Thera. True to his word Morgan has given this army of former gladiators and slaves all the modern weaponry of the medieval age. Crossbows, catapults to throw flaming death and siege towers. What he couldn’t have foreseen is Deimos and his Scrolls of Blood. Deimos concocts a huge demon out of thin air that proceeds to destroy the siege towers. But Deimos didn’t count on the Warlord. With his .44 Automag he is able to destroy the device that conjured up the demon. Then using the self-destruct device from his SR-71 which is full of plastic explosive he blows the gates. Morgan and Deimos meet and fight to the finish with Morgan victorious.

A really great story. Grell doesn’t drag out the final confrontation but gets to it right away in the fourth issue. Morgan’s legend of the Warlord is cemented in Skartarian history and we get to see how savage Morgan can become. Deimos is a major opponent for Morgan whose death will not mean we hear the last of him. And the story ends with another hint of advanced technology in Skartaris. Something that will be revealed in the next issue.


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