“Lo, The Sub-Mariner Strikes!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Keith Pollard & Alfredo Alcala

The Krylorians are testing a new mutation that they have created. The aquatic leviathan attacks Atlantis and Namor the king of Atlantis follows it back. He comes upon the Krylorians in their human form and hears them talking about their command in Rome. He thinks the surface dwellers are responsible for the attack and heads off to Rome. Meanwhile the Hulk and his two friends Rick Jones and the renegade Krylorian Bereet also decide to go back to Rome and take on the Krylorians. It is here that Namor and Hulk battle one another destroying a museum until the intervention of the Italian army distracts Hulk. Namor manages to kidnap Bereet and take her back to Atlantis.

Writer: John Warner
Artists: Val Mayerik & Bob Wiacek

Ulysses Bloodstone checks into an upscale suite in Manhattan for a planned meeting at the UN. He finds out that the Conspiracy has set a trap for him. They have set up his suite with deadly traps to destroy Bloodstone. Meanwhile Samantha Eden is still held captive by Domino and a robot called the Modular Man breaks out the Killer Shrike from the hospital he’s at.

The story moves back to fighting the Krylorian invasion and a guest appearance by the Sub-Mariner. Another fun story. The Bloodstone storyline is also continuing the be interesting and introducing new threats and villains.


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