“Groo vs. Conan part 1”
Writer: Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones and Thomas Yeates

Sergio and Mark Evanier are walking to the local comic book store. Mark has a great idea to have a Groo/Conan crossover. Sergio doesn’t think that’s a good idea. First page Groo slays Conan end of story. Well at the comic store there is a big protest. A local financier Spencer Spade wants to tear down the store to build a strip mall. Soon enough the cops come to break up the protest. A riot starts when the protesters start throwing comic books at the police and one of them conks Sergio on the head requiring hospitalization.

At the hospital he is constantly being drugged up with stimulants and sedatives. Sergio starts to have delusions that he is Conan and the Groo artwork he finds puts him to sleep where he dreams. Groo is wandering and comes to a village where the people are protesting a kings decision to close a popular bakery to build his palace. Groo being the dummy he is goes to the king and offers his services after single handedly defeating his army in a fray. The king convinces Groo that the people are standing in the way of progress and gets Groo to terrorize the populace. The townspeople have heard of a great hero in a faraway and strange land. They journey there to enlist the big shouldered hero named Conan to save them.

Wow. A Conan/Groo crossover. I never thought that would happen. I love both characters and get a real kick out of seeing these two famous barbarians meet. Sergio has started a story with his typical humor and satire. He even inserts himself in the story. The artwork of Yeates is beautiful and gives Conan his distinct look in the world of Groo. My dad was a Groo fanatic. He loved the comics and was always excited when I bought a new Groo book. He was also a fan of Conan and I’m sure he would have loved this series. Its sad that he didn’t live to see it. So the review of this series is dedicated to him.

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