“I Ain’t Superstitious”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout is preparing himself for the final round with a sweat lodge ceremony and some peyote. Now his new found friends think he’s crazy with his talk of monsters and killing the President. Next on the list is Vince Eagre the Presidents energy advisor. He’s also the Eagle monster. High in his Zeppelin he starts off the national program for the Presidents New America rally. Below is millions of gallons of oil to be released to provide all the comforts that Americans expect.

This in when Scout strikes and blows up the oil tanks causing a fire that will burn down Houston. Eagre goes after Scout in a vintage P-40 Mustang. Scout is able to crash his motorcycle into the plane killing the Eagle monster. Three monsters down. The story ends with Sgt. Vaughn kidnapping Scouts friend Doody.

“Give ‘Em Enough Rope”
Writer: John K. Snyder & Chris Fauver
Artist: John K. Snyder

Frances Knight is still captive of the evil Dr. Cruel in Siberia. It is here she learns that Dr. Cruel has substituted the real Johnny Mars with a robot. The robot has a chemical that turns people into gorilla which he will use at a celebrity wedding.

The Scout story is getting real interesting. We find out that the President was a professional wrestler before going into politics. With one actually winning a governorship that doesn’t sound as far fetched as it used to. Scout does have some serious issues that make the reader doubt his mental stability. There is no doubt thought that Scout is fighting evil. A really good dystopian story that portrays a dark future.

The Fashion in Action story is short and still seems to be pointless. Just not into it.


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