“The Power of Ka-zar!”
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby

Kraven the hunter is looking through a magazine and reads an article on the Savage Land. He decides to hunt Ka-zar’s best friend and brother the sabre-tooth tiger Zabu. So he goes off to Antarctica. There he successfully sets a trap and uses a stun ray to knock out both Zabu and Ka-zar. He takes Zabu away but didn’t count on the strength of Ka-zar. He recovers and swims out to Kraven’s ship and single handedly kicks the crews butt. In spite of Kraven’s boasts Ka-zar easily kicks his ass. Kraven resorts to knock out gas to win and tosses Ka-zar overboard. Ka-zar makes his way to New York to track down Kraven.

“Unto you is Born … The Doomsman!”
Writer: Roy Thomas
Artist: Wally Wood

The mission to the moon finds a sphere. When they bring it back it is revealed to be a communication device from Dr. Doom who teleported it to the Moon. He had to demonstrate his superiority to the Americans. Doom is already working on a plan to conquer the world. He has build the Doomsman a mummy that is super powered and has the brain of Doom. While this is going on Prince Rudolfo the rightful heir to the throne of Latveria plots to overthrow Doom. He infiltrates a woman that has the looks of his long lost love. The plan fails but during the fight the Doomsman is activated and wanders off. A potential threat to Doom.

So Ka-zar gets his own book. He has to share it with Dr. Doom. Kind of a strange idea to make a story with the villain as the main character. Still Roy Thomas is an excellent writer and deliverers an interesting story with a lot of potential. And of course the Ka-zar story which is why I got this book is shaping up to be what I was looking for in a Ka-zar story.



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