“The Other Side of Night!”
Writers: Jim Starlin & John Warner
Artists: Jim Starlin & Alex Nino

On a mysterious world far across the galaxy a powerful mage named Chen K’an searches for an ally. He finds what he is looking for and transports Dr. Banner to his world. He needs the strength of the Hulk but leaves the intelligence of Banner in the Hulk’s body. Chen’s world has been taken over by dark forces that have turned it from a peaceful paradise into a garbage strewn wasteland inhabited by cannibalistic demons and monsters. He needs the star of Catalax to put his world out of its misery. With the Hulk he assaults the fortress of Lyissa and her demon army. They manage to retrieve the star and Chen sends the Hulk back before he uses it to destroy his world.

“Gallery of Villains”
Writer: David Kraft
Artist: Keith Giffin

A collection of villain profiles. Includes their origin, first appearance and history. The villains in this gallery are Gargoyle, Toad Men, Ringmaster, Tyrannus, and the Metal Master.

“Return from Oblivion!”
Writer: John Warner
Artists: Val Mayerik & Sonny Trinidad

Bloodstone and his companions head back to Bloodstone Island after defeating Centurius. While meditating Bloodstone has visions from the Exo-mind the ego in the Bloodstone. It tells of the Bloodstone’s creation by elders in a universe of chaos. They mean to invade our universe. Meanwhile Samantha Eden returns home and is captured by a mysterious man called Domino who wants information on Ulysses Bloodstone.

This book has a real interesting storyline for the Hulk. We get a Hulk that can speak intelligently but yet still has the attitude and bluster of the savage Hulk. The otherworldly magical world he was transported to is a welcome change from the adventures he was having on Earth.

The Bloodstone story lets our characters take a break and gives us some insight into the Bloodstone while introducing a new villain. This story is also coming along nicely and like the main Hulk storyline something that makes you want to read the next comic.


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