“The Blood Plague!”
Writer: John Albano
Artist: Russ Heath

The domies are starting to mutate into actual vampires with fangs as our two astronaut heroes assault the dome to rescue their wives. They manage to get an old air force jet and crash it into the dome. Parachuting out armed with pistols, grenades and a bazooka they start killing the vampires by the truckload. The astronaut Craig is too late and finds his wife already drained. Captain Ballard manages to rescue his wife and kill the leader. Craig is despondent and stays behind as Ballard and Elissa fly off in a captured aircraft. The two wind up in Los Angeles and are attacked by giant bloodsucking spiders. Apparently all life on the planet has been mutating into vampire like creatures. Elissa dies leaving a despondent Ballard to wallow in grief.

And so ends this brief series. Atlas comics the fly by night operation went out of business before a fourth issue entitled “The Secret Project!” could be released. So we’re left to wonder about the fate of this vampire planet that Earth has become in the far future of 2010. I enjoyed this series. It had a great and unique premises that I would have liked to seen explored further. Surprised it wasn’t picked up by another company later on. A good series with potential that was unfortunately destined for obscurity.

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