“Machine Gun”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout and Missy make it to Houston and its a city in real sad shape. Scout and Missy almost get into a fight with a gang called the Disciples of Soul lead by a flamboyant man called Guitar Man. Fortunately a preacher known as Deluxe intervenes. He takes the two to the camp he runs. Of course Scout then has to fight the U.S. Army that has come looking for him. Lead by his old comrades Sgt. Winter and Vaught. Scout manages to humiliate Vaughn and the timely intervention of Deluxe’s companion Doody save Scout from Winters.

“Armed Forces”
Writers: John K. Snyder III and Chris Fauver
Artist: John K. Snyder III

The Fashion In Action headquarters located in the Statue of Liberty comes under attack by Dr. Cruel’s henchwoman Roxanne. She uses the threat of killing her captive Johnny Mars to force the leader Frances Knight to surrender. She ends up at the headquarters of Dr. Cruel.

The Scout story just gets more and more interesting. Houston is shown as a giant ghost town inhabited by transients and armed gangs. Illustrates how far America has fallen. There is some humor in when Scout takes a piss on Vaughn’s head. There is some history between Scout and Sgt. Winters. The vice president is a woman who is also a heroin addict. And Scout finds some allies in Deluxe and Guitar Man. A real battle seems to be in the works.

The Fashion In Action story still does nothing for me. It was short and not much happened but I’ll keep reading.


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