“The Coming of Ka-zar!”
Writer: Stan Lee & John Romita
Artist: Don Heck

Spider-man has lost his memory and is wandering aimlessly. At this time Ka-zar has arrived in New York to take care of some legal matters. J. Jonah Jameson decides that Ka-zar is the one to stop Spider-man and enlists him to hunt Spider-man down. Ka-zar manages to track down Spider-man and the two have an epic battle. It ends with Spider-man defeated and possibly dead.

“If This Be Justice!”
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: John Romita

Ka-zar has been arrested and framed by his evil brother the Plundered. The Plunder also has been able to retrieve the vibrating metal from their fathers vault. With it he builds a ray gun that can destroy any weapon. With his pirate crew he plans to take over the world and starts with a missile base in the North Atlantic. Luckily Daredevil arrives in time to stop him.

“In the Den of the Dazzler!”
Writer & Artist not listed

Warren Worthington III aka the Angel is still really ticked off at the Dazzler for killing his father. Ignoring the police he continues on his crusade from revenge. He is captured by the Dazzler and at the end is in danger of being unmasked.

The final issue in the first Ka-zar series. It was mostly reprints from past comics but it was a good way to introduce the character. The Spider-man and Angel stories were to be continued in Marvel Tales #30. I never read it but someday might. The Daredevil story had very little of Ka-zar. It had one scene with him in court. It was very interesting to read stories from the very early days of Marvel.


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