“The Monster and the Metal Master!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Walt Simonson & Alfredo Alcala

The Krylorians have hired the Metal Master to track down and destroy the Hulk. The Metal Master is an alien from the planet Astra and can control any metal. He was defeated by the Hulk once and plans to have his revenge. So in the French countryside he finds the Hulk in one of his rampages and attacks with his Ferronaut a large robot that he controls. While battling the Hulk the Metal Master takes an interest in Bereet’s spatial distorted bag of tricks. He wants the metal objects in it an his attempt results in the gang all being transported inside the bag. There in a dimension outside of normal time and space the Hulk and his friends must defeat the Metal Master.

“Notes from Eden.”
A fictional article that is written by Samantha Eden the reporter character in the Bloodstone story. It is an interesting article that give us a brief history of Ulysses Bloodstone.

“And There Shall Come Death!”
Writer: John Warner
Artists: Sal Buscema & Rudy Nebres

Bloodstone has come to Stark Industries to find Iron Man. After a brief fight the two decide to join forces in pooling what they know to find who is behind the kidnapping of scientists. The trail leads them to an island fortress run by Centurius. Centurius is part of the Conspiracy and plans to harness the power of the fragment of Bloodstone that he was able to obtain. Iron Man, Bloodstone and Shield are able to raid the island and free the captured scientists.

I enjoyed the story with the Metal Master. He was a unique villain. Unfortunately the battle destroyed most of Bereet’s techno-gadgets so they will be handicapped in their fight against the Krylorians.

The fictional article was informative in giving us some background to the Bloodstone story. The Bloodstone story is moving along nicely. Its proving to be a excellent choice for a backup feature and I am enjoying it as much as the Hulk storyline.

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