“Quest for Blood!”
Writer: John Albano
Artist: Pat Broderick

The story finds Captain Gallant and his wife captive of a gang outside the dome. The man they helped rescue has challenged the leader to fight for the leadership. He wins and Gallant is able to persuade him to unite the warring gangs against the vampires of the dome. Joined by their astronaut compatriots another couple, Gallant manages to destroy pursuing vampire floaters when they set a trap by detonating the atomic reactor on their captured floater. This convinces the other tribes that they can band together but are too late. The Domies attack in force and their superior firepower wins the day. The two female astronauts are captured to mate with the vampire leader. The husbands vow to destroy the vampires.

The second book continues to set up the vampire world. I love the plans of Gallant. He wants the gangs to salvage parts from airports and build fighter jets. Real ambitious for street gangs. Also the cover is a bit misleading. It has the vampires as Dracula when in fact the vampires are normal humans. Humans that need blood but do not in any way look like Dracula. A really interesting concept for a comic book.

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