“Sightless in a Savage Land!”
Writer & Artist: not listed.

Matt Murdock aka Daredevil is heartbroken that the woman he loves doesn’t love him. So he decides to take a long cruise. While on the cruise his ship is attacked by the Plunderer. The Plunderer takes him prisoner and Daredevil finds himself in the Savage Land. The Plunderer is looking for Ka-zar and is not disappointed. Ka-zar and Zabu attack the Plunderer setting off his supply of explosives. In the fight Daredevil loses his radar sense and is truly blind. Ka-zar manages to rescue Daredevil and leaves him with Zabu as he goes to find the juice of the Ju-Ju berry that will heal Daredevil. The plant that it comes from proves more than a match for Ka-zar as the story ends with Ka-zar entangled in the plants vines. Zabu comes to the rescue leaving the blinded Daredevil to face Maa-gor an ape man.

“From the Sky….Winged Wrath!”
Writer: Jerry Siegal
Artist: George Tuska

Warren Worthington III aka the Angel lives a normal life of a teenager when not stopping bank robberies. As the winged mutant X-man he has to hide his wings from everyone he knows even his family. While out on a date the Dazzler a leader of a criminal organization (Not the be confused with the blonde mutant character.) sends out hit men to kill Angel’s father. When he hears about it on the radio he goes off on a quest for vengeance against his fathers killers.

“The Secret of Ka-zar’s Origin!”
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby and John Romita

Daredevil is saved from Maa-gor by the arrival of the Plunder and his gang. Zabu manages to save Ka-zar from the Ju-Ju plant. When Ka-zar returns he and Zabu are captured by the Plunder. The Plunder is revealed to be Ka-zar’s long lost brother. He needed the other half of his medallion. The medallion will unlock the room where a rare metal that has destructive powers in locked up. Luckily the Ju-Ju berries that Ka-zar got heals Daredevils sight and he is able to free Ka-zar and stop the Plunder.

The two stories are reprints from Daredevil’s comics. They actually take place before the story printed in the first issue. Don’t know why it was printed out of order unless for space reasons. I found this story an interesting read even with the hokey way that Ka-zar talks. The Angel back up feature was ok. A good story that I found just a little too short.


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