“Little Red Rooster”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

We open with Scout hiding out in the hills from a cobra gunship. He manages to bring it down and heads toward Houston with Missy a seventeen year old girl that he rescued from the Owl man. His next stop is an Agcorp in New Mexico run by Secretary of Agriculture Waltz. Waltz is also the Buffalo man one of the four monsters. He’s the most powerful but not a very good shot which allows Scout to toss him into an automatic threshing machine. Two monster out of the way as Scout and Missy head to Houston. On their trail are two of Scout’s old ranger comrades Sgt. Raymond Vaughn and Rosanna Winters.

“A Different Kind of Tension”
Writer: John K. Synder III & Chris Fauver
Artist: John K. Snyder III

Doctor Cruel and his henchwoman Roxanne are taunting Frances Knight and the girls of Fashion In Action with their failure to protect Johnny Mars. F.I.A. is facing financial ruin and it looks as if Dr. Cruel has a personal vendetta against F.I.A. The story ends with Dr. Cruel launching an attack on the F.I.A.’s base at the Statue of Liberty from his dirigible.

The second Scout story just rolls along with plenty of action and monsters from Apache folklore. I love how Truman is able to integrate the Apache myths into the storyline. He has a real love and knowledge of their culture. He also has very accurate detail in his art. Including realistic helicopters and guns. He get a glimpse of the main opposition in President Grail and the former comrades that will be sent to stop Scout.

The Fashion in Action story is just not interesting me. Not much happens and I just don’t seem to be getting into the story.

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