“This Savage World”
Writer & Artist: Mike Grell

After escaping from Thera, Tara finds time to teach Morgan how to fight with a sword. Morgan’s a quick study and Tara teaches one more valuable lesson. Always expect the unexpected as she throws him to the ground unexpectedly. The two set out to reach Tara’s home of Shamballah. Along the way the two have to battle dinosaurs and a satyr. A party of slave raiders manages to ambush them. Morgan is able to saw through Tara’s collar with his dog tags but is discovered before the two are ready. A fight results in Morgan putting Tara on a horse so she can escape but at the cost of Morgan’s freedom. For costing the slave master a good horse and woman Morgan is tied to a tree to die.

The first in the new series introduces us to the savage world of Skartaris. It’s is a veritable garden of Eden but has many dangers. Grell has beautiful artwork and a fast paced plot. It also ends with a cliffhanger and shows a world that will have elements of fantasy and adventure.

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