“The Coming of Ka-zar”
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby

The X-men are watching TV when a report of an Antarctic expedition is attacked by a man in a loincloth and a saber-toothed tiger. The group heads down to Antarctica and finds a hidden land. A land that still has dinosaurs and savage men. The X-men are attacked by the swamp people and they capture Jean Grey. Luckily Ka-zar and Zabu his saber-toothed tiger helps in the rescue. This is a story from the X-men and was the first story that introduced Ka-zar.

“In his Footsteps…The Huntsman of Zeus.”
Writer: Allyn Brodsky
Artists: Frank Springer and Dick Ayers

Hercules the son of Zeus is trouble with his father. Getting bored with Olympus he decides to take off and head back to the world of mortals. This infuriates Zeus who decides to send his feared Huntsman after his disobedient son. A nice little filler story between the main stories.

“The Mystery of the Midnight Stalker.”
Writer: Stan Lee and Gene Colan
Artist: Frank Giacola

Daredevil has just completed a mission in a small European country. While passing through England he reads in the newspaper that his old friend Ka-zar is in trouble. Reports are coming in that Ka-zar and his saber-toothed pal Zabu are terrorizing the countryside. Now Ka-zar is holed up in his family castile while the militia is called out to bring him to justice. Daredevil goes to Castle Plunder and with Ka-zar’s help discovers that his brother the Plunderer is behind framing Ka-zar so he could inherit the family estate. A reprint of a story from Daredevil.

The first special Ka-zar book does a good job of reprinting the early guest appearances of the Tarzan inspired Ka-zar. I always enjoyed the Savage Land that exists in the Antarctic filled with dinosaurs and savage tribes. I guess I’m a sucker for dinosaurs. The Hercules story was an appropriate backup to fill space. I do notice that these early stories do seem to be a bit verbose. Still there is a nostalgia for the simple charm of these old stories.


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