Writer and Artist: Timothy Truman

It is 1999 and America is an economic and ecological basket case. Out of the desert comes Emmanuel Santana an Apache trained by the army and on a mission. He is to stop the four monsters from Apache legend and their leader the President of the United States. He’s guided by the Gahn a spirit that comes in the form of various animals like a grasshopper and a squirrel. The first monster is a pornographer who is the Giant Owl Man. The Giant Owl Man in legend had sought to love a human woman. But he was too large and the woman died. In frustration he cut off the part and then realized that was a big mistake. He then takes his frustration out by killing women. Scout makes short work of the Giant Owl Man. One down and three to go.

“Fashion In Action part I.”
Writer: John Snyder III and Chris Fauver
Artist: John Snyder III

It is New Years Eve 2086 and Johnny Mars is hosting the New Years Eve bash in New York. He has hired Fashion in Action the highest priced and best dressed celebrity protection agency. Lead by the eye patched beauty Frances Knight FIA has a reputation of success. Now that reputation in is jeopardy when Doctor Cruel succeeds in kidnapping Johnny Mars.

The first in the Scout series starts out strong. I loved the dystopian future world that he inhabits. You don’t know if Scout is crazy or their really are monsters. The story lets the reader make up his own mind on that question.

The Fashion In Action back up is ok. I didn’t really get into it but I do love the concept and the name. Maybe it will grow on me.

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