“The Krylorian Conspiracy!”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Walt Simonson & Alfredo Alcala

It is 1963 and it is one year since the accident that transformed Bruce Banner into the Hulk. Deciding to leave America Bruce and Rick Jones decide to go to Rome and check out the reports of flying saucers. The flying saucers are part of an invasion force of the Krylorians. The Krylorians are a race of shapeshifters that have a secret base under the Tyrrhenian Sea. While landing in Rome Bruce gets upset and Hulks out. At this time Rick meets up with Bereet a renegade from Krylor and pursued by her fellow aliens. She is also a techno artist with a bag that she can pull out any number of gadgets and a mask that can transform into a ship. The Hulk has his first run in with the Krylorians and they find out the meaning of “Hulk Smash.”

“Trail of the Starstone!”
Writer: John Warner
Artists: John Buscema and Rudy Nebres

Ulysses Bloodstone is an immortal that has lived 10,000 years. He has been searching for fragments of the Bloodstone a gem that holds the key to the mysteries of the universe. 10,000 years ago it shattered and a piece lodged in the chest of Bloodstone, giving him his immortality. He is racing a mysterious Conspiracy for the fragments. On a cruise ship from Rio De Janiero Bloodstone and his sidekick Brad Carter and an investigative report Samantha Eden battle mysterious agents and a giant monster called Goram that are after a fragment. All of this is watched from afar by a mysterious creature with tentacles on his face called Ulluxy’l.

Back in the seventies the large black and white magazines were very popular and Marvel decided to jump on the bandwagon. After their successful Conan magazine they decided to roll out a mag with a popular Marvel character and thus the “Rampaging Hulk” was born. They decided to set the story back at the beginning in 1963 and the story starts out strong introducing the basic premise and characters.

The Bloodstone back up story also starts out strong. It sets up an intriguing character and I think an excellent choice for a back up feature.

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